Research projects from past editions

In this section you will find a few examples of laboratories that have hosted MSP/GIIP interns in the past years, and the topics they worked on. It is not an exhaustive list, since some topics are confidential and cannot be disclosed here.


GIANT International Internship Programme 2017

Internship project Host institute / lab
Process development for sub-20nm pillars fabrication by DSA lithography CEA LETI/DTSI
Offline and online experimentation set-up and data taking of neutron detection set-up with camera and scintillator ILL
Lowtech Grid CEA Ideas Lab
Nanomechanical mass spectrometry for biological applications CEA BIG/BGE
Automatic Configuration of Location Privacy Protection Mechanisms G-INP GIPSA
Direct bonding energy acquisition CEA LETI/DTSI
Correlative surface microscopy for biotechnology applications CEA Leti/DTSI/SCMC
Serious game design: superwisor GEM Playground
Dynamic code generation CEA LIST/LIALP
X-ray Scattering Experiments and Instrumentation on CRG-IF beamline at ESRF CEA INAC @ ESRF
3D sequential integration of ICs CEA LETI/DCOS
Structural basis for saposin B activity- ligand binding studies CEA BIG/LPCV
Ingénierie macromoléculaire, synthèse et caractérisation de polymères en peigne à conduction monoionique CEA LITEN/DEHT
Size evolution of spiral magnetic ordering in cobalt chromite nanoparticles ILL
Manufacture of multilayer films based chitosan and the incorporation of antibiotics in these films CNRS LMGP
Microsupercapacitors CNRS INAC/SyMMES
Perovskites solar cells printing G-INP/USMB LEPMI
Fast Quantitative X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis ESRF
The strong Hanani-Tutte conjecture UGA GIPSA
Simulation of X-ray beamlines by Phase Space Analysis ESRF
Perception algorithms for autonomous vehicles CEA Leti/DACLE
Physical interactions between epigenetic regulators involved in antagonistic histone modifications CNRS BIG/LCPV
2D contacts CEA Leti/DCOS
In-memory computing circuit design CEA Leti/DACLE
Statistics and Actuarial science GEM
Serious game design Plush and Nuggets

 + 8 REACT projects in REACT partner labs

GIANT International Internship Programme 2016

Internship Topic Host Lab/Institute
Electrical characterization of benthic microbial fuel cells for energy harvesting CEA – LETI
Cracking in metallic thin film deposited on flexible substrate. CEA – LETI
Electrical Characterization of TiOx-based Metal/Insulator/Semiconductor Contacts CEA – LETI
Effect of geometrical design on electrical properties of lithium microbatteries CEA – LETI
Acoustic manipulation of bacteria on agar nutrient media CEA – LETI
Electroactive material on the flexible substrate for medical device: adhesion enhancement, characterization, reliability CEA – LETI
Microfluidic system for continuous cell culture CEA – LETI
The physics of capillary flow of whole blood and plasma separation CEA – LETI
Investigation into the airway mucus penetrating abilities of PEGylated solid liponanopaticles CEA – LETI
Auto-adaptive libraries for High Performance Atomistic simulations CEA – LETI
Sample preparation and introduction for NEMS-based mass measurements of bio-nano-particles CEA – IRTSV
Structural analysis of protein complexes by electron microscopy IBS
Coupling a single quantum dot to a mechanical oscillator CNRS – Institut Néel
Glass  nanomechanical resonators in the quantum ground state CNRS – Institut Néel
Characterization of physical interaction between antagonistic chromatin regulators UGA / LPCV
Thermal Impedance of 3D module for power electronics CEA – LETI
Water adsorption and wetting on nanostructured material surfaces G-INP / LMGP
Interaction of proteins with polymer brushes ILL
Growth and structure of Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Films based on chitosan G-INP / LMGP
Multiscale structure/property correlations within precise single-ion polymers CNRS – INAC
Macromolecular engineering, synthesis and characterizations of single-ion bottle-brush polymer electrolytes CEA -LITEN
Self-assembled and hierarchically structured layers of functional nanocrystals:  More than Moore approach towards next generation of inorganic PV solar cells CEA – INAC
Structural studies of saposin B (sapB) binding of N-retinylidene-N-retinylethanolamine (A2E) CNRS – IRTSV
Structural characterisation of novel HIV immunogen ESRF
Structural characterisation of a Plasmodium falciparum kinase, PfPI4K, and its interaction with a clinical drug candidate, MMV390048 ESRF
Serious game  « Smartifacts » GEM

GIANT International Internship Programme 2015

Internship Topic Host Lab/Institute
Probing the flexibility in a proenzyme of innate immunity by cryo-electron microscopy CEA – IBS
Intrinsically disordered proteins: How do they work? CEA – IBS
Understanding the role of SEPALLATA3 splice variants in flower development CEA – LPCV
Characterization of the biochemical and biological functions of a chromatic factor CEA – LPCV
Energy Efficient Integrated Circuits for Brain Computer Interface systems CEA – LETI
Study of strain and electrical properties of Si-based nanowire transistors CEA – LETI
Capillary microfluidics: achieving valving of spontaneous capillary flows by electro-capillary means. CEA – LETI
Microfluidic system for continuous cell culture CEA – LETI
Electronic transport in auto-assembled proteins CEA – INAC/IRSTV
Detection of biomolecules (DNA) using surface plasmon resonance imaging-based biochips CEA – INAC
Theoretical prediction of stable boron based cage-like materials and their synthesis pathways CEA – INAC
Commissioning of, and first experiments on, the new instrument for in situ studies of nanoparticles and nanowires during their elaboration, using synchrotron X rays at the ESRF. CEA – INAC
Electronic transport through topological Chern insulators CEA – INAC
Fabrication of biocatalytic electrodes for bioenergy conversion using carbon nanostructures UJF – DCM
Intercalation of Co atoms in between a graphene layer and its iridium substrate: a kinetic monte carlo approach based on DFT calculated parameters CNRS – Institut Néel
Caractérisation de transistors à effet tunnel (TFET) nanofils SiGe intégrés sur 300mm CEA – LETI
Study DNA hybridization detectionwith ZnO nanonets G-INP – LMGP
Develop novel approaches for the identification of small molecule-protein interactions EMBL
Genome defense by small RNAs in the mammalian germ line EMBL
Designing novel anti-inflammatory drugs by targeting the CD domain of the MAP kinase p38α EMBL/ESRF
Structural characterization of the unliganded and liganded 2dCD4S60C-gp140 GCN4 (+) trimers ESRF/ILL
Iintegration de techniques AFM avec diffusion a petits angles pour l’analyse de nanostructures en solution. ESRF
Influence of neighbouring dielectric on the performance of UHF RFID Tags – survey and enhancement” Primo-1D
Validation of qPCR analytical methods for residual DNA dosage PX’Therapeutics
Designing the new version of the serious game :  » Tech It! » GEM

GIANT International Internship Programme 2014

Internship Topic Host Lab/Institute
Molecular mechanisms of Streptococcus pneumoniae virulence  IBS
NMR studies of large biomolecular machines IBS
Intrinsically disordered proteins: How do they work? IBS
Nanostructured bioelectrodes for biosensors and biofuel cells CNRS
Structural studies of CD4 and gp120 proteins relevant to HIV infection ESRF
Theoretical prediction of stable boron based cage-like materials and their synthesis pathways – Prédiction théorique de la stabilité de cages à base de bore et voies de synthèse associées. CEA – INAC
Plasmonic properties of metallic nanostructures CEA – INAC
Functionalizing carbon nanotubes CEA – INAC
Surface functionalization of nanostructured silicon electrodes with redox probes for micro-supercapacitors CEA – INAC
Silicon nanowires and nanotrees based supercapacitors: effect of nanostructure morphology, architecture of the device and conducting polymer coating – Supercondensateurs à base de nanofils et nanoarbres de silicium : effets de la morphologie des nanostructures, de l’architecture du dispositif et greffage de polymères conducteurs CEA – INAC
Caractérisation de transistors à effet tunnel (TFET) nanofils SiGe intégrés sur 300mm CEA – LETI
Printing of BMP proteins onto biopolymeric films G-INP / LMGP
Adaptation of a model of DNA chain confined in LAMMPS for toroidal condensation CNRS-LiPhy
Towards efficient energy & electronic transfers across multiple length scales CEA – IRSTV
Host cell interactions using Peudomonas aeruginosa as a model CEA – IRSTV
Development of qPCR analytical methods for residual DNA dosage PX’Therapeutics


Internship Topic Host Lab/Institute
Marketing and strategic studies on technologies developed in CEA labs CEA – BEM
Theoretical prediction of stable B and N-doped C60 and their synthesis pathways CEA – INAC
Analysis of complex mixtures using a novel electronic tongue CEA – INAC
DNA-based Molecular Architectures for (Opto)Electronics CEA – INAC
Ionic liquids for silicon based micro-supercapacitors CEA – INAC
Interaction of proteins with material surfaces-molecular mechanism and tools G-INP / LMGP
Skeletal muscle tissue engineering using biofunctional surfaces G-INP / LMGP
Cell migration and differentiation onto surfaces exhibiting a gradient of matrix-bound growth factors G-INP / LMGP
Imbibition in disordered media CNRS – Institut Néel

MINATEC Summer Program 2012

Topic Supervisor Institute/lab
Protein adsorption and aggregation mechanisms on hydrophobic surfaces Marianne Weidenhaupt, Franz Bruckert INP LMGP
Engineering of polyelectrolyte assemblies with gradients of bioactive molecules Catherine Picart INP LMGP
Experimental study of monopole dynamics in dipolar spin ice Elsa Lhotel, Carley Paulsen CNRS Néel